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Simple Methods to Edit Video Reels Like A Pro

Instagram reels can help you to get more followers. All you have to do is make an up to 60-second video. Unlike video stories, Reels will not disappear unless you delete the video. It means people can watch your video anytime they want.

The most important thing is the way to edit video reels like a pro. The more professional your reels, the more Instagram users will watch them. Check the tips below to create a professional video for Instagram reels.

Directly Create Reels on Instagram 

Creating Reels on Instagram is fast and easy. You can directly upload the video once it is ready. Instagram also prepares so many features on Reels. Here are the ways to edit your video on Instagram to create Reels. 

Launch the Reels 

Launch your Instagram account first until you see the timeline. Swipe right to create a new video. This action directs you to go to the camera feature. Check the bottom of the screen. Ensure that you have chosen Reels. 

In case the video is ready, find out the plus (+) icon on the top of the timeline. Tap it and choose the video you are about to use for Reels. Alternatively, you can choose the Reels symbol at the bottom of your timeline. Tap it to go to the video feature. 

Set the Video and Other Elements 

Go to the left side of the screen. Choose the length of the video you want to create from 15 to 60 seconds. There is also a music icon there. Tap it if you want to add music to your video. 

Use the speed icon if you want to make a slow-motion or faster video. Instagram also supports its users with filters and effects. You can even beautify your video if the video contains faces. The features allow you to easily edit video reels like a pro.  

Create Your Video 

Find the Reels icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap it to start recording a new video. Tap it once again if you want to end the video. Tap the preview button once the video is ready. It helps you to ensure whether you have to edit the video or not. Hit the next button if you think that the video is ready to post as Reels.

Finishing Touch 

The finishing touch means that you can add a caption to explain the video. You can also choose the cover from the video. Drag the video and stop on the part you want to use as a cover. Sharing the video into Reels and Feed is easy to do. 

Go to also share to feed option. Then, tap the toggle if you want to share or not share the video to Feed. You don’t need to get confused about resizing the video before uploading it. The Instagram system has adjusted it for you. So, upload the video once you finish editing it.  

Your Reels is Ready

That’s It! Hit the share button at the bottom of the screen. Wait for the uploading process. You have new Reels on your account in a few minutes. Indeed, it looks more professional because the video size and other elements fit Instagram. As a result, people will be more comfortable when watching your Reels.   

Create Reels by Using Third-Party Apps

You can create more outstanding and higher-quality Reels using third-party apps. It takes time to do, but you will be more satisfied with the result.  

Launch Your Favorite Video Editing App 

There are so many video editing apps for Android and iOS now. You can use VN Video Editor, CapCut, Wondershare Filmore, Adobe Premier Rush, and many more. For example, Kine Master is suitable enough for beginners who are about to edit videos for the first time. 

Ensure that you get used to it to make the editing process faster. Remember to check the features each video editing app offers. The app should fill your needs to create an outstanding video for Instagram Reels.  

Use the Features to Edit Your Video 

Choose the video you want to use for the app. Then, use the features available there. The best part of using a video editing app is that you get more editing features than Instagram. For example, some apps provide a feature that allows you to lock down and up the video ISO. 

Others even provide features just like you see on a DSLR camera. The more professional the video you want to make, the more sophisticated the app you should use. A free app is great but for advanced video editing, you need to use premium video editing apps.  

Fit the Video Size with the Reels Size Standard 

Remember to resize the video just like the Reels size standard. It makes followers and other Instagram users comfortable while watching your Reels. The video size for Instagram Reels is 1080 pixels wide x 1920 pixels tall. 

The video aspect ratio should be 9:16. It means that viewers can watch the video on the full screen with no blank space. Indeed, the video size you post on Instagram also shows your professionalism in managing your account.   

Create Your Instagram Reels 

Now, your video is ready to post. Go to your Instagram account. Hit the plus (+) button on the top of the screen or the Reels icon on the bottom. Choose the video you want to use as Reels and hit the share button. Post it only when you are satisfied with the result. Wait for the uploading and finishing up process. Now, you can let your followers enjoy your Reels.

One thing is for sure, try to edit video reels like a pro before posting them. It does not matter whether you want to edit the video on Instagram or use a third-party app. Choose the editing method that suit you to post Reels right away. 

The most important thing is to ensure that your followers and new viewers will love the Reels. The video quality determines your credibility. Instagram accounts with more professional Reels can attract more followers and engagement significantly.   

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