windows 10 clean up disk space to free up storage space
Techno Sensei 7 months ago

Do This to Get the Best Performances Out of Your Windows

There are few things as frustrating as a clogged up and buggy Windows 10 PC. When your hard drive is full and your CPU is overworked, you won't be able to complete any tasks on your computer. One way to avoid being caught in this situation is to perform regular PC cleanups. We'll show you windows 10 clean up disk space to free up storage space and improve performance.

The best way to ensure your Windows to have its best performance and run smoothly is to do clean it on regular basis either it’s weekly or monthly, because over the time Windows will have a build up junks file that mostly waste your space and resources. Junk files can come from anywhere, from your old file, program installation, temporary files generated by program, thumbnail etc. if you don’t clean your computer, sooner or later you will encounter with low disk space warning and performance issue.

With that in mind, here’s some easy tips to clean your Windows properly. 

Clean Your Recycle Bin

Obviously, this is the easiest, the first and foremost step to clean your pc. The purposes of Recycle Bin is to act as a holding bay before Windows remove the file permanently, with this you can recover any file as long as the file size isn’t any bigger than your free space. Sometimes we don’t realize how much deleted files we have there until a low disk space warning pops up. The steps are easy.

1.Locate your Recycle Bin in your desktop
2.Right click on it and choose Empty Recycle Bin
3.Select Yes in the next pop-up window.

Use Disk Cleanup for More Thorough Cleaning

Disk Cleanup is a built-in tool to help you clean your Windows thoroughly. This feature will allow you to filter which file should be remove and which isn’t with a single scan.

1.Open your Start Menu and search Disk Cleanup and open it.
Disk Clean Up
2.Choose which drive you want to clean and wait for it to analyze.

with this example we’ll go with C drive. This is where usually all junk files is built up.

Drive Selection
3.Choose the kind of file:

you have to choose what kind of file you’ll going to remove but Windows will automatically check which file that should be removed. So you can just click OK and procced to delete your files.

Drive Selection
Dialog Prompt

Clean your Temporary Files.

Temporary files are used by Window to store your data while the program is still running in case of lost data, so you can use this folder to recover the data. What usually goes here is Autosave files generated from running program, Winrar or Winzip temporary files in case you’re opened a file without extracting it first, those file goes here and then being opened. Temporary Files can take a lot of storage with times, but is it okay to delete these files?

There’s more than one answer here, first, if you don’t have any data lost recently you can safely remove them from your pc, but if you’re looking for recover data you’ve lost recently (due to accidental force shutdown) you can check those files here in this temporary files. But if you don’t have any data lost that you need to recover you can safely remove the files.

1.Open Windows Run from your Start menu or you can tap Win + R
Open Windows Run
2.Type %temp% to locate the Temporary Files folder in your PC
Type temp
3.Select all the folder and then press Del
How to clean cache windows
4.In case there’s a folder in use, you can just check Do this for all current items and then click Skip.

With this all the folder that still being used will not be remove.

In Case

Uninstall The Unnecessary App in Your Windows

Windows usually come with a preloaded app for their default app, but if you’re using a third-party app instead of the default app from Windows you can just uninstall these app and use the space for something else instead of something that you won’t use.

We’ll have to remind you here, if you do not know which app to uninstall, it’s better to leave it be, certain app might be more important than you know even though you don’t even know what’s it called.

1.Go to Start Menu and search for Add or Remove Program
Add or remove Program
2.Choose which program you want to remove and tap Uninstall.
Choose Program
Defrag your Hard Disk Drive.

Defragmenting is a way hard disk tidying up your stored file. Defragmenting the hard disk will not remove a file on your hard drive, but will speed up the hard drive for reading and writing files. This step isn’t necessary for Solid State Drive as it doesn’t do anything to it, it only will use your write cycle and shorten its life, only do this for a hard disk drive.

1.Open you Start Menu and search for Defragment and Optimize Drive
Defragment PC
2.Choose which drive you want to optimize and tap Optimize.

Ideally you want to optimize all of your hard disk drive but this could take a while, but usually one most needed to optimize is your OS drive or C drive, because the more activity on the hard disk the more fragmented it is and C drive is where most of the activity happens.

How to disable startup window 10
3.Wait for Windows to finished defragmenting. This could take a while depends on how much fragmented the drive is.

Disabling unnecessary Startup and Services.

Your Windows have certain app and services that run on the background as soon as turned on. These app and services are mostly important for window for to do what it does but sometimes it’s just using your resources unnecessarily. here’s how to stop Windows from using your recourses unnecessarily. We’ll have to remind you that if you do know which app and services you should stop it’s better to leave them be.

1.Open your Task manager by pressing CTRL + R Shift + Esc and go to the Startup tab
Task Manager
2.Choose which up that should run in the background as soon as your pc start.

This disabled app will run just fine when you open them as usual, it’s just preventing them to run in the background. For how to disabling the services you can see the detail below

1.Open your Start Up and search for Run, and then type msconfig
How to disable service windows
2.Go to Services Tab and check Hide all Microsoft Services.

What this do is to hide all services that important to Windows and only show you what can be disabled without affecting Windows performance.

3.Choose which services that you won’t use and disable them. Tap Apply if you’re done. It’s necessary to restart your PC after this so both start up app and services can be applied.

All the step above is how to make your Windows perform better in terms of software, but if you’re done all the steps above and still doesn’t feel anything significant in your performance, maybe it’s time to upgrade your hardware. When a part stop meeting your needs, that's when you look at upgrading. Start upgrading from small part such as from Hard Drive to SSD or add more ram to your PC.

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